Islamic Azad University of Mahabad in 1365 with tireless effort founding members, was formed. In 1366, accepted 215 students in the fields of veterinary medicine, engineering, literature and began farming activities. Now, after 28 years, and to promote the very large units and the provincial units continue to move forward the ideals of precious and noble education and research, modern management Thvlmdar of the university, on its agenda, towards the goals of comprehensive placed so that prospects and the prospects for university policies and strategic axes:
1. strengthening religious beliefs, spiritual and ideological
2. raising the qualitative and quantitative levels of immersive University
3. and proper management of the investment, increase revenue and reduce costs and …

It is clearly visible. Of course, it means that the adaptive efforts of the new management objectives and policies based on maximum benefit with city problems and deprivation of resources, capabilities and capacities and boundaries in order to achieve self-sufficiency.

Now, Islamic Azad University of Mahabad growing and growing development witnessed significant progress and is more valuable to a number of aspects mentioned. Undoubtedly, the success and achievements mentioned in the first place reliance on the grace Barytaly and then supported by the officials, former director of the continual effort, conscious and wise guidance of the current management, the sincere efforts of faculty and staff and students honored by the presence of green honorable people and appreciative of the city, is situated.

Mahabad Islamic Azad University, relying on upcoming planning seeks to creating facilities as centers of research and production, including horticulture and livestock production and provide scientific and research from financial dependence to reduce student fees.